Hello lovely people!

Welcome to Beautifully Flawed You where we are learning to love who God has made us, flaws and all, knowing that there is a purpose for us and living out that purpose being authentically you!

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kiantra Thompson but most people call me Kia. I am a wife and a mother of a blended family of 5. My husband and I own a business and I am also a nurse. I wear many hats as we all do.

I am a book in progress and God is showing me more and more of my story every day! It has definitely been a process and I am still going through this process daily.

I spent a lot of time running from God’s plans for me. It’s kind of funny because all that time I spent running I couldn’t outrun God’s purpose and plan for me.

Be Yourself! Everyone else is aready taken.

- Oscar Wilde -

Accepting God’s calling is freeing. Accepting that He called you and you aren’t perfect and NEVER will be is freeing. That freedom is not because you don’t go through real life. But having an understanding of who you are going through life with, who you belong to, and how powerful your Daddy (God) is, gives you a different perspective and confidence. Learning how to accept that God calls you beloved and you are royalty because your father is the King, is something I want to walk with all of you through.

God tends to reveal a lot of things step by step and that is what Beautifully Flawed You is about. Us taking steps and taking steps together.

Let’s learn how to be in a relationship with Jesus. My heart’s desire is to help people understand and accept that God really does have a plan for you and your life. He still wants you even though you aren’t perfect. Let’s show people what progress in Christ looks like. What it looks like to walk with God as imperfect as you are while still striving to be just like Him.

No more fake perfection but what does it look like to strive for perfection. To unapologetically thirst after God and walk with Him every day in who He is calling us to be!

Let’s journey together through this thing called life and learn together how to continually see ourselves the way God sees us.

Remember He chose you!