During this time you would think that everyone would be able and have no problem getting closer to God!

But a lot of people have discovered that during this season it has been harder. They have grown more distant. What God has done for people in general and especially believers in this season is clearly pointed out the things, situations , mind sets, and people we use as our spiritual crutches and revealed our real relationship status with Him.

So as a result, all of the things that were in our minds that we were going to do during this time , didn’t get done. God has really changed up plans to reveal people ‘s hearts to themselves. You know, those places in your heart and mind that you want to ignore exists.

You know, the areas in need of improvement. These areas could be covered up previously. But now in this season, things have changed drastically and quickly. Now we have to be alone with ourselves , our kids, our spouses, our life and don’t have the normal distractions to prevent us from seeing that work needs to be done on our inner man and in our relationships.

This time has allowed God to highlight these areas that need work. God has made room for intense training and expedited the process of making people whole.

Training is hard but the results are definitely worth it!


Scripture Reference: Proverbs 16:9

A man’s heart plans his way; But the Lord directs his steps