Rise up and go! Go ahead start again! At the beginning of every year, a lot of people have their list of things that they want to accomplish. Things like lose weight, be healthier, start a business, read and pray more. There are all sorts of things people tend to start in a new year. I always tend to start super strong in all 100 areas I’m trying to improve all at once. Maybe you’re like me and load your plate with a bunch of self-improvement projects or maybe you only have one or two things. What I find very common whether it’s 1 or 1,000 is right about February, March I would slow down or even abandon these efforts. When I began looking around it seemed as though many of us sort of fall off a bit too. This year I was determined to show myself enough grace to not condemn myself for being human but also have enough confidence to start again.  The difference between now and achieving your goals is the restart. Now’s the time to start again. This year will be different no matter how many restarts have to take place. Now’s the time to do it again. It can be discouraging to look at the whole goal that lies ahead. So concentrate on making sure you start again. Whether it’s the weight loss, the business, or getting more intimate with God make sure you continue starting again when you stop, and eventually it won’t be a restart but a continuation. And you will look back and realize the distance from where you started to where you’re at. Now get going. Remember always let your light shine so men may see the God in you!