I’ve Been Waiting 

Revelations 3:20 says, “ Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” 

I used to wake up most mornings with a song on my heart,playing on repeat in my head. It would be songs or parts of songs that spoke to how God felt about me, my situation, life, etc. This hasn’t been happening as frequently lately. But on this particular morning  I woke up singing in my head. The song was in my heart. It made me smile. It was a worship song I listened to earlier the previous day. As I stretched I asked God why didn’t I wake up every morning like this? OH how those songs would set the tone for my day.  I was reminded how much I really enjoyed how at peace and loved I felt. So I asked God, why can’t I wake up every morning like this?

Revelations 3:20 popped in my head. It’s as though God was like I’ve been here knocking so let me in please. I thought I let Him in but I was reminded of how just allowing life to happen you can sometimes gently or aggressively shove Him out. Not even noticing it we can allow family, friends, bills, stress, worry, or even doing what we feel is Kingdom work to come in and sit where God should be sitting. When this happens a lot of the time we don’t notice until God is back on the other side of the door gently knocking to be let back in.

Imagine , God knocking on the door and you or me  on the other side with something in both hands under both arms ,under our chin and holding something in your mouth as well. This would make it impossible to even get the door let alone scream , “Come in!” Now I know, that’s a silly visual but let’s keep it real. This is spiritually, emotionally, and mentally what a lot of us look like. And while we have all this stuff, God is gently knocking asking to come in. We have to just drop all the stuff and open the door. 

Now what do I mean when I say let God in? I’m glad you asked.  Letting God in is putting down your own thoughts, wants, and desires. And exchanging them for His thoughts about you, His ways to go about life and His desires for your life. Sounds simple, right? And it can be very simple and complex depending on your level of stubbornness. Letting God in is the easy part once you have accepted that it’s ok to put the other things down. Talking to my sister-friend she reminded me about experiencing a certain freedom that comes with letting go of the things we were never intended to carry. Carrying all of those things prevents you from being able to enjoy having arms, legs, and a mouth because one’s muscles tend to get fatigued if always holding, lifting, or/and carrying something. When you sit and have a meal with a friend you usually get to relax. Even when you’re working to bring in extra food or drinks it’s a different type of work because you’re enjoying the company. When you sit and eat with friends there is so much that happens. You laugh, you might cry, you offload, get perspective, and much more. This is what type of relationship Jesus wants with you! It amazes me.  Jesus wants to come in and have that friendship with you! He doesn’t want to have a fake friend’s meal. But the type of meal you have with your best friend! You know the conversation you have with that  one you trust. The friend that won’t go telling all of your business, can handle your feelings, can correct you but not make you feel judged, instead make you feel motivated to get it together. He wants to be that friend to you. This is what Jesus is knocking for. 

Revelations 3:20  was meant for the church of Laodicea which happened to be a Lukewarm church. It was filled with lukewarm people. God doesn’t want us to be in the middle. Riding the fence. Not in or out. He wants us to follow Him with our whole heart. He wants to come in and occupy all spaces.  God is such a gentleman,  he waits for an invitation to be let in. Don’t be a lukewarm friend, allow Him to come and sit and have a meal with you. Can you hear Him knocking? It’s time to clear up some space, drop some things and let Him in!